Online Debt Collector

Welcome to Online Debt Collector from Fisher Meredith, a one-stop shop for all your debt recovery and credit control needs. Issue a Letter Before Action to a bad debtor for just £50 including VAT.

Our expert debt recovery solicitors recognise that unpaid debts and outstanding invoices are a frustrating but at times unavoidable feature of every business.

For only £50 including VAT, Online Debt Collector will send a Letter Before Action (LBA) to your debtor demanding payment with interest by the deadline you choose. Our debt recovery statistics show that in 70% of cases, a Letter Before Action is sufficient to induce payment and avoid costly court proceedings. This service is perfect if you are chasing a reluctant debtor, but not if there is a genuine dispute over your invoice.

In the unlikely event that your debtor fails to pay after receiving our LBA, we can help you issue court proceedings and obtain a judgment in default - all on a fixed fee basis. You do not need to be concerned about hidden charges or costly solicitors bills.

Letter Before Action (LBA)


How long do you want to give your debtor to respond?


Please select the number of days you wish to give your debtor to make full payment.

Days to respond:


The rules that govern legal claims/disputes (including debt recovery) in England and Wales require a potential claimant (i.e. you) to send a Letter Before Action (LBA) to a potential defendant (i.e. your debtor) before resorting to court proceedings. If you fail to send an LBA you can be penalised with legal costs even if you win your case.

It is up to you how long you are prepared to give your debtor to pay the outstanding amount. There is no strict rule or minimum period, but we recommend that you think about the value of the claim, your debtor's resources and the future of your business relationship when setting the deadline.